Kristin Kany

Kristin KanyUS World Cup rugby veteran Kristin Kany started the Competitive Giving League in 2013. The goal was to tap into the competitive nature of athletes by having them challenge each other in a different kind of competition – community service.

Raised in a small town in Maine, Kany was inspired by her parent’s dedication and service to their close-knit community. Kany, who has a graduate degree in athletic counseling, is a talented athlete and leader in many sports. Amongst her most prized experiences is playing rugby for the US National team in the 1994 Women’s World Cup in Scotland.

Kany – now an educator with Essex High School – sought to create a platform through which student-athletes could “give back” for all the support they receive in school – and out. With the knowledge that athletes have the ability to be as competitive in other areas of their lives as on the playing field, Kany founded the Competitive Giving League.

Kany’s vision is to bring the Competitive Giving League to the national stage with challenges pitting pro teams and players against one another in competitions geared to benefit schools and other educational programs – the very places where teachers and coaches saw “that something” in the youngsters and helped them believe in themselves enough to achieve their pro sports dreams.